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The ASTEP database contains informations about 300000 stars observed with ASTEP among the years 2010-2012.

When you click the link to enter the service, you will find the following form to interogate the database. A star list corresponding to the criteria entered in the form is returned when the button  is pressed.

Each star is identified by a ASTEP name, and by its name in the UCAC4 catalogue, if it belongs to the catalogue. Each star line contains information obtained from general catalogues (Vizier) when present and photometric informations from the ASTEP observations.

By clicking on the star, it is possible to plot the light curve of the star or to upload it in a cvf format. If the star has been identified has a variable star, more parameters are listed including the type of the variable (Eclipsing binany, Delta Scuti, Rho Ap, Gamma Doradus, RR Lyrae, Long Period) and the
main periodicity, if found.

You can browse the database by star name or ASTEP field. You can also access directly the list of variable stars or planetary candidate with a selection upon different criteria, like periodicity, transit depth, etc...

The format of the Output can be adjusted using the last frame in the form.

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